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April 28th, 2011 ]


November 10th, 2009 ]
Various Kurt & Courtney * [20]


Nirvana fandom on Geocities! [Thursday
September 24th, 2009 ]

If you haven't heard, Geocities is closing on October 26, 2009. Geocities has played an important role in the history of the Nirvana fandom. On Fan History Wiki, we want to help chronicle the history of this fandom on Geocities before it is lost forever. We'd love to have you involved.

We've created some stub articles at Nirvana fansites on Geocities. There isn't much there, especially when you think about the whole of Geocities and how important Geocities was to the Nirvana fandom. We'd really want to see the few existing articles improved to give a better idea of what role they played early in the fandom's history and for the fandom's history off LiveJournal. Just click edit, write in relevant information and then click save. You can't screw it up. (It's a wiki. Things are incredibily easy to fix if you're worried.) If you're feeling really helpful, please use Template:fansitesgeocities to create new articles so that we can get the history of more Geocitie's Nirvana fansites saved.

Even if you aren't editing, please pass the word along to others in the fandom. Ask them to help us. Ask them to visit Geocities to just save those sites on their hard drives. If you're a fan fiction reader, check out some of those stories from the fandom before they disappear potentially forever.

March 17th, 2009 ]


fifteen \ Courtney Love
x15x - Courtney Love

January 9th, 2009 ]


oo4 ac/dc
oo5 janice dickinson
007 Cobains
|this is what they had to say|

Super rare Hole Courtney Love CDs for sale - cheap prices! [Thursday
May 10th, 2007 ]

For sale:
Teenage Whore cd single
Beautiful Son cd single
Awful Australian tour CD single

Check out the auctions!

I will also be listing 3 brand new Hole posters (including the incredibly rare poster of Courtney Love holding baby Frances Bean) and other hard to find Hole collectibles in the upcoming week! Be sure to add me to your favorite sellers!

March 17th, 2007 ]

Los Angeles- Plans for an episode of the “Simple Life” have been scraped after Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were asked to take a drug test in order to “work” as counselors at a children’s camp. However the request was turned down by the two girls.

Apparently, they can partly blame Courtney Love for sparking concerns.

the former “Hole” singer said recently that she was at Paris’ birthday party and drugs were everywhere. In a posting on her website, the former Hole singer talked about the “white powder” she discovered in the toilet at Hilton’s February 24th party.

So the head of Foundations For Jewish Camping is worried about Paris and Nicole doing a stint as camp counselors in the upcoming fifth season of their reality show The Simple Life.

Jerry Silverman tells the New York Daily News, “Counselors are trained, recruited and tested. We take (it) very seriously.”

So, Paris and Nicole, who are both are already on probation for DUIs, just didn’t want to go down that road
Source= http://www.ecanadanow.com/entertainment/2007/03/06/simple-life-stars-refuse-drug-test/

someone care to enlighten me? [Saturday
December 30th, 2006 ]

whatever happened to kittyradio?

I was a member there a long time ago, obviously i have not posted in about 3 years.

September 24th, 2006 ]

[13] Courtney Love
[13] Hedwig & the Angry Inch
[06] Fashion/Models
[06] Rufus Wainwright
[05] Christina Aguilera
[05] Scrubs
[04] PJ Harvey
[02] Rocky Horror Picture Show
[01] Justin Timberlake

the rest here!

Under the Pink [Monday
September 18th, 2006 ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Listening to a recent interview with Tori Amos on Studio 360, I was reminded of (a) what a good interview she makes, (b) this 1994 album, and (c) how many of her songs pose musical questions:

Why do we crucify ourselves?

Don't you want more than my sex?

God, sometimes You just don't come through
Do You need a woman to look after You?

For Amos, who was 31 years old when Under the Pink was released, the creative process represented as much an act of confession as it did an act of discovery. "Without the songs I wouldn't know that I feel what I feel," she told me in a telephone interview. "Let me tell you," she confided in a wispy voice, "sometimes I can go, 'I hate that motherfucker,' and I'll rip up his picture. Right? Then I'll start writing this song, this most beautiful--" Catching herself, she laughed and said to herself, "Oh god, you're just a sap."

And a successful one, at that. Her 1992 debut solo album for Atlantic Records, Little Earthquakes, revealed a bent for idiosyncratic lyrics, loopy melodies, and neoclassical keyboard work. It went gold in the US and sold more than a million copies worldwide. The follow-up album, Under the Pink, made its maiden landing at number twelve on the Billboard charts.

Born Myra Ellen Amos in North Carolina, her life from that point onward was atypical at best. A child prodigy who won a piano scholarship to Baltimore's prestigious Peabody Conservatory when she was five, she grew up listening to the music of Nat King Cole and Fats Waller and Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. She was expelled when she was eleven. Her father, a strict Methodist preacher who believed you either support or lose your child, didn't stand in her way when, at the age of thirteen, she hit the piano bar circuit. At the Marriott, they made her play "Send in the Clowns" seven times a night. At Mr. Henry's, a popular gay bar in Washington, DC, the waiters used a cucumber to teach her how to give head.

All these daffily disparate ingredients -- combined with the sad truth that somewhere along the way she was raped and lived to sing about it on her own fruitcaky terms without reducing herself to martyrdom ("Yes, I wore a slinky red thing/Does that mean I should spread/for you, your friends, your father, Mr. Ed?") -- converge to create songs that are not about blame, but about taking responsibility.

Amos refused to take responsibility, however, for Womanhood or the feminist movement at large, an agenda that many critics (music and social) famously tried to foist upon her.

"I guess I'm kind of boring because I just go about my biz trying to work on myself. When I'm working and listening to my real feelings about things, and trusting them, then I just have to allow that to be enough. Whether I say something that offends somebody or gives somebody a giggle--" She paused. "You have to let go of the responsibility of people's responses. Sometimes I'll say things that I might not have said if I would have had more sleep. But, at the same time, that's real, too."

Between her first two solo albums, she released a hushed and breathtaking cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." When I asked if she felt any sort of psychic connection with Kurt Cobain (who had just committed suicide a few months earlier), she replied, "Totally." In the silence that followed, she whispered the word twice more.

“I think it could’ve gone either way for a while,” she commented on another singer/songwriter’s theory that, if left alone to deal with his demons away from the limelight, Cobain might still be alive. “If he would’ve been on medication for the depression. Put all the emotional stuff aside -- it’s hard enough waking up every morning -- it’s just that you’re a depressive and you have a chemical imbalance.”

Aware of life’s little imbalances, Amos found it difficult to take her fame too seriously. She knew from experience that there were worse alternatives. “Like, we have no idea what it’s like to live in Belfast with those people killing each other,” she said. When she had toured there recently, she'd done so with the reality of bomb scares and a guard at her dressing room door. Because of her name, in the demented minds of some of the more radical Irish there existed a connection between her and the Tories and their principles. “And my whole religious position," she said wearily, "blah, blah, blah. In Ireland, I always get a bit of a stink because I tell them that the Virgin Mary swallowed, and they don't like that shit."

She stopped reading reviews of her work. "It didn't make me feel good. You read the great ones, you've got to read the shitty ones. If you're going to walk into the 'opinion world,' then you have to listen to them from all sides. And I'm just not in the mood. I know when I suck and I know when I'm great. Grade me that all the elements came together, and it didn't overcook and it didn't undercook. You know, I got the baby out of the oven just in time."

Speaking of bad reviews, I mentioned the heavy-metal band that Amos fronted when she came to Hollywood in the late Eighties, called Y Kant Tori Read? While she could no longer worm her way into the plastic snakeskin pants that, along with thigh-high boots and big hair, that had contributed to her mode of dress at the time -- and contrary to most of what had been written about this period in her career (most likely because it wasn't something her more ardent feminist fans wanted to hear) -- she giggled and admitted, "Hey, I enjoyed some of it. I had great hair spray. Looking back, I was coming out of my skin as a person." Before the band, "I was so miserable. My jaw was in a constant clinch mode."

It was also a learning experience. "I have no illusions about this business. Not one. That's why I think I'm doing so well. When I say 'doing well,' I mean I don't cancel shows, I'm not jumping out of windows. That doesn't mean that it doesn't sometimes wear on me and I want to crawl into the corner with a friend."

Though she had no trouble getting down to brass tacks when it came to the business side of her music, the act of songwriting remained something of a magical mystery to her. Despite her professionalism, it wasn't something she could force to happen. "If the songs don't show up knocking on my door, bringing a bottle of chardonnay or a box of shoes, I can't even think about it. It's like they already exist, and I get a whiff of their perfume and I get inside of their essence and what they're trying to tell me. They show up, showing me who they are, and then I'm trying to translate their feelings. Sometimes I don't do a very good job, and they come back and harass me until I do."


Custom Nirvana Google Theme [Wednesday
September 13th, 2006 ]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.

25 kurt icons [Monday
August 14th, 2006 ]

25 Kurt Cobain icons


at my icon journal

Nirvana's From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah [Monday
May 8th, 2006 ]

I reviewed this album this morning over at my blog Mere Words. Enjoy.

icons [Saturday
February 4th, 2006 ]

[ mood | recumbent ]

from 'violet' video (no words...... yet)


and all the stars looked just like little f i s h . . .Collapse )


January 3rd, 2006 ]

I spent the $15 just for this username.. I couldn't resist ♥

November 16th, 2005 ]

Is anyone here a member of Kittyradio?

I am GothKittyQueen- been there since the coolboards.

[Courtney Love - October 2005 - SPIN Magazine Extra Interview] [Wednesday
October 5th, 2005 ]

If this was already posted let me know and I'll delete it..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It was 20 years ago today that Roland Gift taught the Fine Young Cannibals to play. Doesn't sound quite right, does it? Sweeping nostalgia and alternative culture seem totally incongruous. But it's true: Spin is finally old enough to drink (in Iceland and Japan!). Back when we were an eager start-up, many of the stars who'd go on to define the '80s, '90s, and '00s were just beginning to glow; in fact, some were just tots. To celebrate our milestone, we asked 20 of them (23, if you want to get all technical) to look back on an era that brought several genuine revolutions, scores of brilliant albums, movies, and TV shows, and too many dubious hairstyles to count. Next month, look for more interviews, with luminaries like Perry Farrell, Michael Stipe, and RZA. Why? Because we deserve two parties. Don't we?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

20 Years of Spin

The Innovators: Courtney Love
September 23, 2005

"This Kurt thing has burdened me so much. In a lot of ways, I wish I just had a baby with him and didn't marry him. I could've gone my own way."

Courtney Love (Extra from the last interview I posted)::Collapse )

Not sure if this has been posted..if it has sorry for the double entry. [Monday
October 3rd, 2005 ]


Spin - October 2005
Let the healing begin Courtney Love
InterviewCollapse )

cross post [Wednesday
September 14th, 2005 ]

Q mag - Sept 2005 issue
If use, please credit. Took me awhile to scan it all in for others to view/enjoy.

Scans..Collapse )

September 12th, 2005 ]

hey guys,
sorry i let this place go to the shit, i havn't been on livejournal in awhile.
so....yeah...err...hi again.


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