est. 1986 (deb4uchery) wrote in kurtney,
est. 1986

someone care to enlighten me?

whatever happened to kittyradio?

I was a member there a long time ago, obviously i have not posted in about 3 years.
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Courtney decided it wasn't worth her time, so Brooke had to try to run it based on our donations alone. Some members think Courtney hacked it, because we had to start all over again. I don't know if it was Courtney or someone else, but it was pretty shitty.
Now Courtney is gonna sue every member on KR 'cause some members posted their dicks. It's so fucked up.
Haha, courtney hacking? lololol. Somehow I doubt that, i remember her posts were barely coherant.

Oh i shall have to head over there one day, see who is still around.