est. 1986 (deb4uchery) wrote in kurtney,
est. 1986

Los Angeles- Plans for an episode of the “Simple Life” have been scraped after Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were asked to take a drug test in order to “work” as counselors at a children’s camp. However the request was turned down by the two girls.

Apparently, they can partly blame Courtney Love for sparking concerns.

the former “Hole” singer said recently that she was at Paris’ birthday party and drugs were everywhere. In a posting on her website, the former Hole singer talked about the “white powder” she discovered in the toilet at Hilton’s February 24th party.

So the head of Foundations For Jewish Camping is worried about Paris and Nicole doing a stint as camp counselors in the upcoming fifth season of their reality show The Simple Life.

Jerry Silverman tells the New York Daily News, “Counselors are trained, recruited and tested. We take (it) very seriously.”

So, Paris and Nicole, who are both are already on probation for DUIs, just didn’t want to go down that road
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